Tecumseh Dance Workshop

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Tuition Schedule for Dance Year 2017-2018

The Dance Year consists of 4/8week sessions to aid in prompt Tuition Payment.

Tuition is due the FIRST WEEK of EACH SESSION. A $25.00 LATE FEE added for tuition not paid on time.

Young Dance (3-5yrs.) 30min. class- $80 per Session or $320 for the dance year

Annual Registration fee- $25.00 per family and non-refundable

Costume Fee- $75.00 per costume/per class due before Christmas Break December 15th, 2017

After 6 classes per family, all other classes are FREE

Classes taken in both time slots-Higher payment schedule is used.


45-60 Minute Class    Per Class   Per Session   Yearly   Total Classes

1Weekly                       $11.00        $90.00          $360            32

2                                   $10.00        $170.00        $680            64

3                                   $  9.00        $220.00        $880            96

4                                   $  8.00        $260.00        $1040          128

5                                   $  7.00        $290.00        $1160          160

6                                   $  6.00        $340.00        $1360          192


75-90 Minute Class    Per Class   Per Session    Yearly   Total Classes

1Weekly                       $15.00        $110.00         $440            32

2                                   $13.00        $200.00         $800            64

3                                   $11.00        $270.00         $1080          96

4                                   $10.00        $330.00         $1320          128

5                                   $  9.00        $370.00         $1480          160

6                                   $  8.00        $390.00         $1560          192


Class Schedule-(Subject to Change)  AUGUST 2017 - MAY 2018 Grades are Guidelines. Classical Ballet Technique is the Foundtion of all Dance. Levels may take 2 years depending on Student’s Focus, Ability & Work Ethic. Examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance available for qualified students. Fees set by Academy. TDW opens on In Service Days, Half Days, most Snow Days. Missed or dropped classes nonrefundable & nontransferrable. Makeups in any class at student’s Level


Adv. Jazz 4-5pm                            Young Dance 6-6:30pm

Int. Jazz 5-6pm                                      Lyrical 6:30-7:30pm                                   

Int/Adv Tap 6-6:30pm                        Bitty Company 7:30-8pm

Modern (2) 6:30-7:45pm

Jr. Company 7:45-8:30pm

Int/Sen. Company 8:30-9:30pm


Modern (1) 4:30-5:30pm                  Comp 4:45-5:30pm

RAD Ballet 2 5:30-6:15pm                Conditioning 5:30-6

RAD Ballet 3 6:15-7:15pm                 Acro 2 6-6:45pm

Pointe Int/Adv 7:15-8pm                  Bitty Comp 6:45-7:15

Ballt Adv 8-9:15pm                            Acro 2 7:15-7:45

Hip/Hop 2 7:45-8:30


RAD Ballet Int (6/7) 4:15-5:30             Stretch Class 4-5

RAD Ballet(4) 5-6:15pm                        Beg. Pointe 6:15-7pm

RAD Ballet (5/6) 5:30-6:45pm

Company Ballet 7-8:15pm                     Young Dance 7-7:30

Int/Sen. Company Rehearsal 8:15-9:15pm


RAD Ballet (1) 5-5:45pm                       Jazz (2) 6-7pm

Biity Ballet/Rehearsal 6-7pm               Tap (2) 7- 7:45pm

Foundations 7-8pm                                Tap (3) 7:45-8:30pm

Jr. Company Rehearsal 8-9pm


Tap (1) 10-10:45am

Jazz (1) 11-11:45am

Hip/Hop (1) 12-12:45pm

*Private Lessons Available upon request and at the discretion of the teacher. Please contact teacher for cost and availability*

Dancewear: Young Dance: Any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes RAD Ballet Grades 1-4: Royal Blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes RAD Ballet 5/6 – Adv. Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes Modern/Jazz/Tap/HipHop – Any color leotard, tan tights, turners for modern, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes, black hiphop sneakers Hair must be in a bun and secured away from the face.
  Dropped Classes: Please inform us in a prompt manner if your child is dropping classes. All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable
  Etiquette: Please be kind and courteous to all staff and students. Come prepared for class with proper attire. Arrive on time and ready to begin class at the scheduled time.

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